Strengthen your technical skills and gain real work experience. 

Our YoungProfessionals Program is meant to give young women and non-binary folks an opportunity to gain experience in their field of choice by working with a company. This 6-week experience is completely remote and allows for collaboration between students from different universities. 


This program is a part of our Encourage Her Mentorship Program for university students. In order to apply for this program, students must apply through the Encourage Her Page

Program Components

Two Technical Sessions

Students will receive two technical sessions in subjects typical of the field. The sessions are meant to peak the participant's interest in specific sub-fields as well as to provide them with background knowledge for their 6-week project.

One Background Session

Students will receive a company background session to introduce them to their workplace and allow them to understand session speaker's professional journey. 

6-Week Collaborative Project

Students will be paired in groups of 5 to work on a project typical of the field. These students will work part-time over 6-weeks and leverage each other's knowledge to complete a common goal. Students will be practicing their communication skills and putting many of their professional skills from the Encourage Her Program to the test!

Project Presentation

Students will finish off their experience with a presentation of their project outcome to professionals at the company, and potentially other members of the EWAAB community. These presentations are a valuable way for participants to practice their public speaking skills.

Valuable for Students, Value for Companies

Students participating in the program gain the opportunity: 

  • to explore a field of interest

  • to learn technical skills

  • to practice communication, collaboration, and presentation skills

  • to strengthen their resume early on to capitalize on future opportunities

  • to build a strong connection with a company

Companies participating in the program gain the opportunity: 

  • to host qualified diverse students from world class universities vetted by EWAAB 

  • to obtain a fresh perspective from these students in solving a challenging problem

  • to take a practical step forward in increasing the diversity and inclusion within the field as well the company

  • to impact the lives of young students and increase the likelihood of them applying to/joining the company later on

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stories and quotes of real women and girls

In partnership with Quotabelle, all of our mentees conducted a Bravely Publishing Internship, providing them communications and digital publishing experience.