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Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edi
Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edi

Building a bridge to a world where women and non-binary individuals can enter and rise in any field they choose.

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to building a world where young women and non-binary folks can enter and rise in any field they choose. We are growing the number of confident and capable women and non-binary professionals through meaningful  mentorship and skill development opportunities.

EWAAB is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing young women and non-binary individuals the tools and support needed to break through professional barriers. We are building a sustainable and scalable pipeline of diverse and confident future leaders.

What we're doing

 We are providing first and second year undergraduate students with meaningful mentorship and professional development opportunities to grow both their skills and their confidence. Developing the next generation of young professionals

Why it matters

Despite recent progress there are still significant professional diversity gaps in many industries, especially STEM and finance fields. In order to have an impact in the long term, we need meaningful change now.

"Throughout the year, my mentor helped me foster the mindset of owning my space, being confident in my decisions and not being afraid to dream big."

- 2019-2020 Program Participant

A strong pipeline of future leaders.


of 2022 Bridge graduates identify as people of color.


of Bridge alumni study in male-dominated fields.


total students impacted in 3 years of operation.


of incoming Bridge Primary Mentors are program grads.

Are you ready to be a part of the change?

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Are you a first or second year undergrad looking for a confidence boost?

Are you a senior undergrad or graduate student looking to make an impact?

For Students

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Are you ready to make an impact on young students' lives?

For Professionals

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Are you ready to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and inclusion?

Are you ready to make meaningful change in your industry?

For Companies

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