Are you ready to make an Impact?

We are looking for companies that are committed to increasing access to support and opportunities for all women and non-binary individuals in their field. 

We are currently accepting corporate partnership inquiries in all professional fields. If you're ready to make meaningful change in your field, get in touch today!

Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png
Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png

There is an urgent problem

Despite knowing that diversity increases a company's likelihood to financially outperform their peers, women and non-binary individuals are still vastly underrepresented in STEM and finance as well as in leadership positions across all professional fields.

And we have an inventive solution to fix it.

Our Bridge mentorship program transforms first and second year undergraduate students into the diverse and confident future leaders we need

We can see our impact.

In two years of operation we have added 88 exceptional students to our pipeline and anticipate adding 100+ more in the 2021-2022 academic year. After our program, students are ready to confidently take on any professional challenge

Our graduates are ready to lead, are you?

Be at the forefront of progress in your field. Start building a strong recruitment pool of diverse, confident and skilled young professionals right now

We're ready to help you build a model for success.

We collaborate with corporate partners who are:

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Advocates for equal gender representation

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Intentional in their recruitment strategy to obtain diverse candidates

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Excited to have their employees give back to the next generation

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Willing to invest in multiple solutions to a global problem

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Hear it from them

— Monogram, 2020-2021

“We were very impressed with [our students]...They were confident and each task was done with precision. We loved the way they were thinking outside of the box and pushed their limits. Each one of them has a bright future and we will support them along the way. [We] would be lucky to have them on our team in the future!”

Are you ready to be a part of the change?




Connect your employees with our students as mentors or speakers in either of our Bridge Programs. 

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Innovation Sprint

Work with a small team of engaged students eager to hone their skills in a 6 week professional experience.



Professional Program

Onboard a qualified and passionate student for a 10 week summer internship of your choosing.