Celebrating 3 years of Impact.

Our students are confident, skilled and ready to take on the professional world. 

Thanks to the support of volunteers, donors and other supporters we are well on our way to a world where women and non-binary individuals can enter and rise in any field they choose.

Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png
Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png

166 students in the pipeline

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12 institutions 


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  • California Technical Institute

  • Texas A&M

  • University of Florida

  • William & Mary

  • Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Marist

  • McGill

  • University of Oxford

  • KU Leuven

  • Comenius

  • University of Melbourne

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  • United States

  • Canada

  • United Kingdom

  • Slovakia

  • Belgium

  • Australia

6 countries   reached

Our pipeline is full of students eager to break down barriers.


of 2022 Bridge graduates identify as a person of color.


of our students study in male-dominated fields.


of 2021-2022 participants were in their first year.


of 2021-2022 participants identified as international students.

After our program they were ready to take on new challenges.

% increase internship.png

85% increased confidence in ability to secure internship or research fellowship

% confident going into next prof experience.png

82% of students felt more confident going into their next professional experience*

% increase overall leadership skills.png

50% increased confidence in overall leadership and communication skills

Mentor Numbers Updated.png

73% of incoming 2021-2022 Primary Mentors are program graduates

*Only includes students who participated in the 2021 project-based professional experience.

Hear it from them

— Participant, 2020-2021

“I genuinely enjoyed learning about all of the girls and the mentors. Each speaker made me feel more confident about being able to change the world as a woman of color.”

Our students are now interns, researchers and student leaders.

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Fielded offers from companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Chase and State Farm.

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Interned with the U.S. Federal Reserve, Prudential, GoldenTree Asset Management, Archer Materials Limited and many more.

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Contributed to research projects at the Maritime Security Center (U.S. Department of Homeland Security), Stevens Institute of Technology, Texas A&M, the University of Denver and the Washington University School of Medicine.

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Participated in prestigious programs like IBM Accelerate, Melbourne Connect, L'Space NASA Academy, and the cadet programme at Downer Group.

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Accepted student leadership positions like Head Section Editor for WILD at Oxford, Student Senate Chair at Texas A&M and Mentorship Coordinator for OxWEST.

Are you ready to be a part of the change?

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