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Are you ready to Pay it Forward?

We are looking for professionals to join our team of mentors, share their experiences as speakers and contribute to our mission in any way they can. 

Are you interested in supporting our mission? We have various ways you can get involved. Fill out our interest survey below to get in touch!

Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png
Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png



Our year-long academic program was intentionally designed to help students gain the confidence and skills they need to enter and rise in any field they choose. 

Build confidence with us. Mentorship groups along with our international network of women and non-binary folks will give students the support and encouragement they need to take on new challenges.

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Build a toolkit with us. Our team is committed to providing students with professional and leadership tools as well as opportunities to use them in practice. 

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Build a network with us. Throughout the academic year students will have a variety of opportunities to connect with peers, mentors and working professionals. 

Why be a part of Bridge?

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82% of women believe that having a mentor is important to one's career trajectory but 20% of women report that they never had access to a mentor.

This is only exacerbated for women of color who are not often represented in leadership.

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Women of color make up about 37% of the women in the U.S., but they only comprise 3.2% of Fortune 500 Company Boards and 11.9% of managerial roles. 

Our Secondary Mentors are

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Interested in impacting the next generation of women and non-binary students

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Excited to share their experiences with a cohort of mentees

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Ready to learn and grow as a leader

We highly encourage you to join us in our mission if you...

are a woman of color



identify as non-binary


are from another under-represented group

We want to ensure our students have access to mentors they may not encounter elsewhere.

Secondary Mentors will guide, facilitate and connect.

Mentorship Groups

Share experiences and knowledge with a small cohort of students.

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Secondary Mentors will be paired with a Primary Mentor and their cohort of 3-5 undergraduate students. 

Secondary Mentors are required to:

  • Attend the first academic session and lead a session on "Reflection"

  • Serve as a guide and resource for the entire mentorship group 

Academic Sessions

Lead students through a prepared curriculum teaching practical professional & leadership tools.

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Seven professional development and leadership sessions are held throughout the year. Every session features a brief talk from a session anchor who will tell their professional story. Primary Mentors then facilitate a discussion among the group. Each session will end with a challenge to apply that week's practical tool. Secondary Mentors serve as the Session 6 anchor.

Help us grow our impact.

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students in the pipeline


institutions connected

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California Technical Institute

Texas A&M

University of Florida

William & Mary

Stevens Institute of Technology



University of Oxford

KU Leuven


University of Melbourne

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United States


United Kingdom





countries reached

Guide students Beyond their first professional steps.

Beginning Fall 2022 we are offering additional personal mentorship for students who have successfully completed the Bridge mentorship program. 

While Bridge provides students with confidence and fundamental professional skills, Beyond focuses on guiding students as they navigate their chosen path.

Beyond mentors will be asked to:

  • Connect one-on-one with their matched students at a frequency agreed upon by the mentor & mentee (anywhere from once a week to twice a semester).

  • Discuss professional topics ranging from general professional advice, to applying for opportunities, to discovering new fields.

  • Provide feedback to EWAAB through two surveys.

We are searching for mentors from any professional background at any point in their career (from Ph.D. to retiree) and will accept mentors of any gender identity. We currently have a particular need for mentors in the following fields:

  • Finance

  • Public Policy/Law

  • Computer Science

  • Engineering (including but not limited to mechanical, electrical, civil & chemical)

  • Mathematics

  • Pharmacy

Are you ready to be a part of the change?

We are ready to bring on new professionals for our 2023-2024 program!

Not located near these schools? No problem! We are happy to connect you with students remotely.

Mcgill University

University of Melbourne

Rutgers University

University of Oxford

Stevens Institute of Technology

William & Mary

University College London

Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png
Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png

Join our new Young Professionals Board.

Our Young Professionals Board engages folks passionate about the advancement of our organization's mission. We welcome all young professionals (even those still studying) who are ready to make an impact to apply.

Are you interested in paying it forward but can't commit to a year-long program? That's okay! We have plenty of opportunities to contribute.

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Become a Speaker

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Get Your Company Involved


Make a Financial Contribution

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