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Building Bridges with PIMCO

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

EWAAB is dedicated to building a world where young women and non-binary folks can enter and rise in any field they choose. Following our Bridge mentorship program we strive to provide students with access to internships and other professional opportunities so they can put their newfound skills and confidence into practice.

In order to bridge the gap between students and the professional world we collaborate with corporate partners ready to make an impact on young women and non-binary folks. Our partners are advocates for equal gender representation, intentional in their recruitment strategy to obtain diverse candidates, excited to have their employees give back to the next generation and are willing to invest in multiple solutions to a global problem.


Meet PIMCO, a 2022 Summer Professional Partner.

We are PIMCO, a leading global asset management firm. We manage investments and develop solutions across the full spectrum of asset classes, strategies and vehicles: fixed income, equities, commodities, asset allocation, ETFs, hedge funds and private equity. PIMCO is one of the largest investment managers, actively managing more than $2.2 trillion in assets for clients around the world. PIMCO has over 3,070 employees in 22 offices globally. PIMCO is recognized as an innovator, industry thought leader and trusted advisor to our clients.

PIMCO is one of the world’s premier fixed income investment managers with thousands of professionals around the world united in a single purpose: creating opportunities for our clients in every environment. Since 1971, we have brought innovation and expertise to our partnership with the institutions, financial advisors and millions of individual investors who entrust us with their assets. We aspire to cultivate performance and leadership through empowering our people, diversity of thought, and a commitment to an inclusive culture that engages in our global communities.

Meet their Summer Interns.

Cayla Perez

Technology Analyst, PIMCO, CA

Bridge 2022 Graduate

Cayla Perez is a rising sophomore at Stevens Institute of Technology, working towards a Bachelor's degree. She is majoring in Biomedical Engineering, focusing in the STEM field. Outside of academics, she is involved in numerous extracurriculars such as Filipino Association at Stevens Institute of Technology (FAST) and Encouraging Women Across All Borders Mentorship Program (EWAAB).

What does having this opportunity mean to you?

This opportunity gives me a chance to explore a new environment and gain more experience in the engineering field. It allows me to have a new beginning and create a strong career foundation.

What are you most excited for in this internship?

I am most excited to be exposed in a different setting and community. Being able to challenge myself with new problems and learn from them.

How has EWAAB’s program so far helped to prepare you for this opportunity?

Overall, the EWAAB program opened me up to different people who shared such common characteristics and stories like mine. It has given me opportunities to not only explore more about the professional field but also myself. The immense support the mentors provide helped guide me through the adversity of being a freshman in college. With the support and knowledge EWAAB has given me, I am looking forward to using everything I have learned in my internship.

Kinga Mastej

Product Strategy Intern, PIMCO, UK

Bridge 2022 Graduate

Kinga Mastej is a student at the University of Oxford reading Chemistry MChem. During her time at the university, she developed an interest in finance, including asset management and banking. In her spare time, she enjoys rowing and playing the piano.

How has EWAAB’s program so far helped to prepare you for this opportunity?

EWAAB's program was invaluable in preparation for the internship application. I had an opportunity to meet with industry professionals to decide on my career route, consult with a mentor during the recruitment process and celebrate afterwards. The experience was fully personalised, giving me a chance to ask long-held questions and develop at an accelerated pace. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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