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Preventing Burnout. Effective Self Care. Setting Boundaries. Find the wellness tools that you need for daily self-care here. 

Tips and Tools

“I had a hard time finding alone time especially living with people but I found that I just needed to stick to my schedule as best I could. So for self care I would make sure I carved out time for myself at the end of every day to be alone and unwind. An I also found that just being honest with my friends about where I was at mentally was helpful.”

- Psychology & Anthropology major

“To help deal with the burnout, I would set aside time to do things that I enjoyed and a big part of that was baking. I'm not the biggest fan of baked goods (especially in large quantities) so what I would do instead of actually eating it all myself would be to give it to people I worked with or lived with or friends. It felt nice to share/see a positive reaction to the food, which helped me calm down a bit and be more willing to do my school work."

- Electrical Engineering major
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Day School Teacher

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