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Growth and Impact in a Time of Uncertainty

EWAAB's 2020-2021 Annual Report

From the CEO


EWAAB's second year of operation was marked by exciting growth and impact in a time of great uncertainty.


As a volunteer and as EWAAB's Chief Executive Officer, I had the privilege of seeing first hand the struggles and triumphs both our students and mentors experienced throughout the academic year and I'm thrilled to be sharing these stories with you.

This year we were oversubscribed with students looking for not just professional development but for a sense of belonging as they began their first-year of "distanced" university. 

Thanks to the efforts of dedicated mentors and administrative volunteers, our students learned fundamental professional and leadership skills, connected with peers and professionals, and became overall more confident in their abilities. 


As you read this report my hope is you will join us in celebrating these student leaders and begin to see the future we are working hard to build.

Sam Collins


Our Approach

A purposefully designed year-long mentorship program aimed at first and second year undergraduate women and non-binary students. 

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Our two-tiered mentorship system and multi-national student network supports and encourages our students to step out of their comfort zone and rise up.


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Our innovative curriculum employs deep learning strategies to ensure students are not only introduced to these skills but they have an opportunity to use them in practice.


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Eager volunteers and dedicated corporate partners allow our students to form meaningful connections with senior professionals in a variety of career fields. 


Our Approach

Our Students

Our Students

In 2021 we doubled our impact by accepting 61 students at 10 universities in 5 countries internationally. In 2022 we anticipate graduating more than 115 new students.

48% of 2021 graduates identify as people of color.

84% of 2021 graduates study in a STEM field.

Professional barriers disproportionately affect people of color and those studying in male dominated fields like STEM and finance. We are committed to providing students from all populations in need with access to the encouragement, opportunity and connection they need.

Click on the pins to meet some of our 2021 program graduates.

We measure our impact through pre- and post-program surveys. Students report how they feel across a variety of professional and leadership skills so we can measure their change in confidence from the beginning to the end of the academic year.

Students reported an increase in confidence across all measures; below are a few highlights.

85% increased confidence in ability to secure an internship or research fellowship in their field of interest.

82% of students felt more confident going into their next professional experience.

84% of students found the skills learned in their experience to be useful to very useful even though their experience was not in their field of study.

We seek to provide students with an opportunity to put their newfound skills into practice. In 2021 we partnered with 6 organizations to allow students hands-on industry and academic experience.

Hover to meet our 2021 project partners.

Monogram is a group of passionate designers and developers who love building stuff. We wake up every day with one goal in mind—to build the best websites and web apps on the planet. Monogram helps transform big ideas into reality by leveraging cutting edge JAMstack technologies such as serverless functions and progressive web app and website frameworks.

Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 11.52.12 AM.png

At Point Made Learning, we bring innovative content and programming to institutions and organizations that are serious about inclusion. We start with documentary films about American identity and then we use that content to design programs, tools, and workshops to get people learning, talking, and doing something about all the isms, phobias, and systems of inequity that continue to divide us.

Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 11.52.38 AM.png

The Community of Volunteer Educators (COVE) is a volunteer-run public service organization dedicated to providing tutoring services and educational enrichment experiences to communities in need across NYC. Our vision is to support communities by developing innovative academic programming to reduce educational inequities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. COVE provides free one on one tutoring services and educational enrichment programs to students preK-12.


Quotabelle creates smart, distinctive products designed to introduce more female role models into the world, via print goods and online at This socially conscious company is solve a quote supply problem uncovered through research - that less than 15% of the millions of quotations shared every day are by women and girls. Most are unsourced; many are misattributed. The words of entrepreneurs, educators, scientists, inventors, adventurers, artists, athletes and nonprofit leaders are often missing. The Quotabelle team is reimagining how ideas are discovered and shared. They're building the most modern collection of sourced quotations by women and girls while ensuring every quote leads to a true story designed to ignite the dreams of today's thinkers and doers.


Floating Point Group was founding in 2018 to redefine finance. We endeavor to bring the power of programmatic currency to a legacy financial system that consumes billions of hours and trillions of dollars each day. We are a team of researchers, engineers, and inventors chasing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build an efficient and cross-compatible system that's transparent to its end users.

Screen Shot 2021-01-16 at 11.52.27 AM.png

We are a small research lab at MIT focusing on using the toolkit of precision quantum metrology to probe the regime where quantum physics and gravity interact – a regime which remains one of the greatest unresolved mysteries in Physics. Precision quantum metrology, or measurement science, is a branch of physics which applies quantum-mechanical principles to improve the precision of all kinds of measurements we make: time, distance, force, or phase to list a few. Currently, there are two experiments our lab is working on: one of them aims to trap a single electron to achieve the rest detection of Unruh radiation, while the goal of the other one is to magnetically levitate macroscopic objects to investigate the modifications to quantum physics at extremely small scales.

lab_logo_2 (1).png

Our Stories

2021 Mentor

Having been someone who has not really had a mentor before, I have loved having to prepare for each session. I feel like I learn just as much as the mentees from the challenges being set.

2021 Partner

We were very impressed with [our students]...We loved the way they were thinking outside of the box and pushed their limits. Each one of them has a bright future and we will support them along the way.

2021 Graduate

I genuinely enjoyed learning about all of the girls and mentors. Each speaker made me feel more confident about being able to change the world as a woman of color.

Our Stories

Read reflections and advice from our students and mentors.

Our 2022 Vision

Each year we strive to improve our organization and programs to ensure we are making progress toward building a world where women and non-binary folks can enter and rise in any field they choose. 

Our 2022 Vision


We will continue to increase the confidence of our students in their professional skills. We aim to make a more significant impact in students' confidence in their ability to secure future leadership and professional positions. 



We aim to grow our total number of impacted students by over 100% after the 2021-2022 academic year. Not only will we grow our impact at the university level, we will expand into community colleges, a population in need of access to encouragement, opportunity and connection.



We will strengthen our engagement with the community, organizational partners and our alumni. Our supporters are who drive us to continue making an impact so, we will continue to engage them in all of our growth.

Our Supporters

Our success is thanks to the support of our volunteers, mentors, partners and donors. Without their belief in our mission, we could not continue to make a meaningful impact on young women and non-binary folks internationally.

A special thank you to our financial corporate partners and grant givers who make our work possible.

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Our Supporters

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