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Volunteer Spotlight: Talita Sueldo

EWAAB relies on the passionate support of volunteers to not only mentor and inspire our students but to ensure the organization runs smoothly. We appreciate the time and effort all of our volunteers put into supporting our mission and are always excited when new folks decide to join us. To learn more about how you can get involved like Talita click here.


Talita Sueldo joined EWAAB in 2020 as a Secondary Mentor for a group of students at her alma mater, William & Mary. Following her contributions as a mentor Talita was asked to join EWAAB's Board of Trustees where she uses her passion and skills to help the organization grow. We caught up with her this week to learn more about her volunteer experience with EWAAB so far.

What was your favorite part about serving as a Secondary Mentor for EWAAB's Bridge program?

I really loved connecting with the William and Mary students and hearing about their experiences on campus. A lot of the conversation took me back to when I was there and I hope that I was able to provide some good advice.

Why do you continue to support EWAAB as a board member?

I deeply believe in EWAAB's mission: women and non-binary folks should have the network, resources, and support to do whatever they want in their careers. Being a part of the EWAAB board gives me the opportunity to work behind the scenes with like-minded women to help create environments where women and non-binary folks can thrive and that is really fulfilling for me.


Talita Sueldo is passionate about community, tech, and politics. Born in Trinidad, Bolivia and raised in Washington, D.C., Talita earned her Bachelor of Arts from The College of William and Mary in 2012 with a major in Global Studies with a concentration in Latin American Studies and minor in Economics. Talita is currently a Strategy and Consulting Manager at Accenture Federal Services where she builds relationships to deeply understand Federal organizations and their tech solutions and their tech and human strategies to help improve their systems and processes. Outside of her career, Talita is committed to mentoring young people, expanding diversity and inclusion practices within the corporate tech world, and engage voters in the electoral process. In her leisure time, Talita enjoys indoor cycling, trying delicious new foods, growing a small jungle in her home, and traveling in a pandemic-free world.

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