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Meet the Cohort: Riya

We are excited to be welcoming in a new cohort of first- and second-year students who are ready to grow their confidence and develop their professional skills. Learn more about the full cohort here.




Computer Science

Hello! My name is Riya Shrivastava and I’m a sophomore at Caltech studying computer science. I’ve always had a passion for science and technology, and have previously worked on various astronomy projects, from identifying variable stars to running code to simulate black hole formation! Through those experiences, I’ve developed a strong interest in coding, and even thinking creatively about how to solve problems. I really enjoy how versatile computer science is as a field - I’ve worked in a group to create a computer game from scratch, developed an iOS app, and even built a simple compiler! I hope to continue to develop and practice my skills, and am especially interested in gaining industry experience and learning good software engineering practices. This year, I’ve also began to explore more business and economics courses, which is exciting. I’m super excited to be a part of EWAAB and meet other women in STEM, while also developing my professional skills and network!

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