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Meet the Cohort: Kayleen

We are excited to be welcoming in a new cohort of first- and second-year students who are ready to grow their confidence and develop their professional skills. Learn more about the full cohort here.


Texas A&M


Aerospace Engineering

What about this program interests you most?

I am interested in the connections that one can make through the Bridge Mentorship Program. Last year, I was a first-year student at Texas A&M learning primarily through Zoom. This circumstance did not allow for a typical freshman year in which I met my classmates and made deep friendships. I hope that through the Bridge Mentorship Program, I have the opportunity to become friends and gain new perspectives from students not only at my university but internationally too. Additionally, as I struggle to navigate through my major, I would like to be a mentee to a student that has already been in my shoes.

Why do you think mentorship is important?

Mentorship is important because it allows one to learn from someone that has been there! Sometimes you simply feel like you are stepping into foreign territory, and it is refreshing to have someone show you different paths that can take you to different destinations. I have been a mentor to five first-year students at Texas A&M for about two months, and while it has been a short amount of time, I have learned so much about the positive impact that a mentor can make.

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