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Meet the Cohort: Olivia

We are excited to be welcoming in a new cohort of first- and second-year students who are ready to grow their confidence and develop their professional skills. Learn more about the full cohort here.


Stevens Institute of Technology


Biomedical Engineering

My name is Olivia Kain, and I am a first-year Biomedical Engineering student at Stevens Institute of Technology! I have always had an affinity for math and engineering, and knew that this was the field of study I wanted to pursue in college. However, I constantly felt as though I would be missing out on the humane aspect of STEM if I pursued pure mechanical, or civil, or electrical engineering; I wanted to find a way to bridge that gap between machines and humans. Biomedical engineering is the perfect combination of all my interests, and will allow me to accomplish my goals of designing and manufacturing medical devices, specifically prosthetics. I have recently been researching the development of rehabilitative equipment in conjunction with prosthetics, and would like to explore how these two subject areas intertwine. Through EWAAB, I hope to meet and work with other women & non-binary individuals in the STEM industry to further learn and discover my true passions in biomedical engineering.

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