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Meet the Cohort: Annesha

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

We are excited to be welcoming in a new cohort of first- and second-year students who are ready to grow their confidence and develop their professional skills. Learn more about the full cohort here.


University of Melbourne


Economics & Finance

I was born and raised in Bangladesh where gender inequality is still a very alarming issue. However, despite society trying to shackle me down, my parents have never let me feel that I am any less because I am a girl. They have built this mindset in me that, because I can be strong like a girl, fierce and sensible like a girl; there is nothing I cannot do. Although I have a long way to go, a lot more to observe and learn, I have already had the opportunity to visit many countries which made me identify that, irrespective of a country being progressive or not; gender inequality persists everywhere, just in different forms. While my experiences from fighting gender inequality, racism and surviving alone in foreign continents have played and are still playing immense roles in shaping me towards the ideal version of me; I have realised how the support system I have for excelling is not common for most girls. Hence, being more privileged than others has alerted me that I also have more responsibility towards our community than others. Eventually, I want to build a global platform connecting females worldwide to share all kinds of resources with each other and thus, firstly minimising the inequality amongst women due to class, cultural or any other differences. As such, when every female in every corner of the world will be rightfully and equally empowered, our victory against long old gender inequality will not be far away.

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