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EWAAB Shares Weekly

When my co-founder and I started EWAAB, we considered the idea of starting a blog. However, we paused on this, as we felt that it would add on a lot of additional work to our main initiative - the Encourage Her Mentorship Program. As we have gone down the rabbit hole with EWAAB, expanding our organization in both size and programs, out team believes that a blog is just what we need in order to do two things:

1. Broaden our community to more young women

2. Give young women within our community a platform to share their ideas and passions

Both are integral to our mission.

If You're a Reader

We'll be starting to post weekly on June 1st and until then, there will be fun pieces to read here and there. Our posts are meant to provide thoughtful insight and introductions to new topics as well as anecdotes that will give personal development advice. The aim is to combine inspiration with information; we're hoping to give you a taste of both with each blog post. Our writers are women and allies in all fields of study from science to finance to education. We're excited to be able to share our stories with you!

If You're a Writer

We want to showcase stories of women and topics that women are passionate about in a meaningful and creative way. If you have insight into a new field, information about a particular subject of interest, or a personal anecdote to share, we'd love to hear it! Please email to find out more information on how to publish on our platform.

We're looking forward to EWAAB going live! Thank you for your support and we look forward to sharing stories with you.

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