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Join our University program.

Explore the curriculum. Find your university.

Meet our mentors.

Applications for the 2022-2023 academic year are open now!

Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png
Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png

This year our focus is Exploration.

It is important to have the tools to effectively pursue various professional options and successfully navigate personal and professional changes - this year we will focus on the art and practice of exploration.

Check out our current universities.

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California Institute of Technology

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McGill University

bullet point purple_edited.png

Rutgers University

bullet point purple_edited.png

Stevens Institute of Technology

bullet point purple_edited.png

Texas A&M

bullet point purple_edited.png

University of Melbourne

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University of Oxford

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William & Mary

Don't see your university? No worries! We may be coming to you soon.

Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png
Facing Adversity - Resource 5_edited_edited.png

Our brilliant mentors are ready to guide and support you.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who can apply for this program?

You must be a first or second year student attending one of the following institutions:

  • California Institute of Technology

  • McGill University

  • Rutgers University

  • Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Texas A&M

  • University of Melbourne

  • University of Oxford

  • William & Mary


How do I apply for this program?

Applications for this year are now open! Applicants will be asked four short answer questions to gauge their need for encouragement, opportunity and connection. We recommend preparing your answers before beginning the application:

  • What about this program interests you most?

  • How do you think you would benefit from this program?

  • Why do you think mentorship is important?

  • Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?

Apply now using this link.


What is the time commitment?

We ask participants to participate in 6-7 one hour meetings throughout the academic year. Typically this breaks down to about an hour a month. Meeting times are flexible and based on student availability. All other offerings are encouraged but not required.


Do I have to attend any in-person meetings?

Potentially! We leave the logistics of meetings up to our mentors and their groups to allow for flexibility. We've found the best sessions are held in person but your group may meet online to ensure full participation.


Why should I worry about professional development now?

The earlier you start thinking about professional development (ie. resume writing, presentation skills etc.) the easier it will be when you begin searching for an internship and/or job searching post-graduation.


What will I gain from participating in this program?

Encouragement: Build up your personal and professional confidence so you can take on new challenges. 

Opportunity: Gain access to professional opportunities through our large network and our "EWAAB-only" project/internship offerings.

Connection: Meet peers and professionals from around the world to find support and learn from their experiences.

Get a head start in building a bridge to your future success.

Frequently Asked Questions
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