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Making the Most of Your Reading Time - Good, Quick Starter Reads

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

There is A LOT going on in the world right now. Sometimes, it feels like there's so much to know and learn, and it's challenging to know where to start. What I give you in this quick list are starter books that provide great introductions to important topics; topics that I believe we should all take the time to read and learn more about.

This reading list if for you if you'd like to learn more about:

  • How to facilitate important conversations with your friends and family regarding race

  • How economists think about different aspects of our society

  • How machine learning affects business strategy and will affect almost every industry from here on out

  • How feminist issues are more widespread than what we might think

  • What a transman may go through as he comes of age

  • How some mainstream scientists still cling to the idea that race is biologically real

  • How over 700 million people live on less than $2 a day

Also, there are so many more great works that I have not listed here. This is by no means a full compilation of the best starter reads, and they are in no particular order. These are simply some that I have found to be extraordinary and that I would 100% recommend to anyone.

If you want to make the most of your time in learning more about the above, I would check out these quick and good reads:

This list is NOT finished. This is simply a started list. There is always more to know and thus, there is more to come!


About the Author: Kaitlin Gili is a Quantum Computing Researcher as well as the Executive Director of Encouraging Women Across All Borders. She received her B.S. in Physics from Stevens Institute of Technology and plans to pursue her PhD in Physics at Oxford University after working at Los Alamos National Laboratory and gaining industry experience at Zapata Computing. In the past, she has worked on four different research projects across three continents, including developing quantum algorithms for practical applications. She is passionate about providing mentorship for young women, creating new outreach tools for getting more young people interested in STEM, and helping others in their personal and professional development.

Tune in for her future Making the Most of It blog posts.

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