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The New Normal:
Women in Leadership
Facing Adversity - Resource 5.png

IWD 2021 Toolkit

While we celebrate International Women's Day every year, we know that it's important to celebrate the accomplishments of women and learn from inspirational role models all year round.
So we have put together this toolkit from our IWD 2021 event focused on The New Normal: Women in Leadership. This toolkit will provide you with the latest career tips on leadership, mentorship, and speaking your power. 
Facing Adversity - Resource 5.png
Facing Adversity - Resource 5.png


You can see each of their stories etched in my face... These women full of beauty, power and venom.
-Alysia Harris
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A mentor is like a bridge because they can help us connect our life experiences.

- Laetitia Fokou

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As a leader, diversity should be at the core of everything you do.
-Talita Sueldo
Facing Adversity - Resource 5.png
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EWAAB believes that diversity and inclusiveness are the cornerstones of the organization's success. We are dedicated to supporting and connecting with women, nonbinary and gender non-conforming people of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and nationalities.


Proudly sponsored by 100 Women in Finance, a global association for finance professionals

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