Encourage Her 


Get ready to step outside of your comfort zone and explore your passions. 

Encourage Her is a mentorship program for self-identifying women, non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals. The program takes place over an entire academic year (Sept. - May.) and provides an experience like no other for 1st and 2nd year university students for free.


If you are a first generation student, and/or a person of color, we highly encourage you to apply. We stand ready to support you on your journey! 

Our Program Theme- HerToolkit

Our 2020-21 curriculum will be themed HerToolkit, featuring practical confidence-building tools, virtual internships spanning a variety of fields, and opportunities for global networking. 

Personal Mentorship

Each student will be assigned a Primary and Secondary Mentor, both filled with insightful stories and experiences to share. The Primary Mentor is an older-undergraduate student at the same university and the Secondary Mentor is a working professional. Both team up to facilitate sessions, provide guidance, and establish a personal connection with their students.

Session Anchors

We start our sessions off with inspirational anchors - successful women that have prepared a pre-made video for Encourage Her participants only. These CEOs, Scientists, and Leadership Coaches begin each session with powerful advice that students wouldn't normally receive in their early university years.

Virtual Internship

This program is all about practical tools and what better way to learn than by doing? Each student will participate in a 6-week virtual internship, working on a project with other students across the globe, at a company that matches their field of interest. This experience is built-in to the program; students will get a leg-up in getting future internship positions - which we all know getting the first is the hardest.

ConnectHer Series

Students will be able to casually interact with successful women and non-binary individuals in their field through seminars scheduled throughout the year that are for EncourageHer participants only. What better way to start building up your network other than interacting with working professionals casually from the start?


Each student will receive a toolkit (physical or virtual) to help them get set for the year. This toolkit contains resources, reading materials, and EWAAB swag of-course!

Sea Talks

Students will meet friends from all over in and outside of their fields. Mentors will schedule 'sea talks' with mentors from other communities worldwide to encourage their mentees to engage in proactive discussions regarding global challenges as well as fun activities.

“EWAAB went beyond all my expectations! My experiences as a publishing intern for Quotabelle and a mentor for Girls Who Code was extremely valuable. But I found even more value in developing my self-confidence, meeting extraordinary friends, networking with talented women in the industry, and completing challenges that pushed my comfort level. Now, I find myself pushing my own boundaries by taking on leadership roles in student organizations, attending professional networking events, and exploring local communities like coffeeshop book clubs! Without a doubt, EWAAB was the most formative experience of my freshman year, and I encourage everyone to apply.”

-Sanjana Madhu, Stevens IT Mentee

Extra Program Highlights
  • Each student will join our new internal EWAAB Network Software, ConnectHer, when the full version is released in October. This will be a great way to hear about top opportunities first. Think of a LinkedIn, but personally crafted for opportunities geared toward your age group!

  • Students will get to take part in partnered networking events such as a Global Roundtable with Girls in Charge in the UK.

  • Students have an opportunity to gain a credential through our internship program. Check out our partnership with Quotabelle this past year, where all of our students will be published on their online platform and mentioned in their upcoming Bravely Guided Journal. 

Apply Next Year!

Check to make sure you're eligible! Encourage Her currently runs at 10 universities in 5 different countries worldwide. If your university is not on the list, consider becoming a Primary Mentor and starting an Encourage Her program at your university. Join our Early Mentor list to be notified when our next mentor application cycle opens.

The Application Process

Our application process starts September 1st and ends October 4th. The deadline may be extended for specific universities. The application is not based on academic criteria; it is meant to help the mentor get to know you and what you want to get out of this program. Be yourself!

The 2020-21 Application Cycle is closed! We will be open for new applications Sept. 1st 2021.

Student Selection

We want all students to be able to participate in the program; however, we are limited on the number of mentors at each university. Each Primary Mentor will select 3-5 mentees from the application pool to participate in the program for the entire year.


Mentors are looking for students that will benefit most from this program, students that are looking to strengthen their confidence and take risks by going outside of their comfort zone. The program is targeted toward first year women (cis-gendered, trans-gendered, women-identified), non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals.

Students will be notified by the Primary Mentor of their application outcome after the decision period closes. Sessions will begin shortly after.

See our ConnectHer Speaker Line-up!

Robin Hauser
Film Director/Producer at Finish Line Features
Daniel Tarigha
Kimpton Fellow & Author of Uplift and Empower
Elaine Montilla
CUNY Graduate CIO for IT & Founder at 5xMinority
Holly Berkley
Founder of BlissSmart
Mirella Coleva
CEO and Co-Founder of Quantopticon
Joey Key
UW Bothel Professor of Physics and Astronomy
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