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Our Administrative Team is comprised of passionate individuals from a variety of different cultures, backgrounds, and countries - all working together to support young self-identifying women globally. We are looking for strong leaders, great communicators, and those that have or are looking to gain experience in either Marketing, Nonprofit Finance, Higher Education Curriculum Design, or Program Management. Please see below for open positions and student internships. 

Why Volunteer on our Admin Teams?
EWAAB volunteers become a part of our community that creates and sees direct impact. We are committed to providing admin volunteers with encouragement from advisors and board members, opportunities to develop both personally and professionally through workshops, and supportive connections within our global community. Community engagement is important to us including team celebrations! 
Volunteer Admin Open Positions
Community College Coordinator
Will be coordinating the Community College Encourage Her Program by overseeing mentors at community colleges - 3 to start - and working with a team of all ages and backgrounds in order shape our current university program for a community college audience. 
Learn more about this position here and apply now
Internship Coordinator
Will be forming strategic partnerships with companies and building relationships with Internship Mentors in order to coordinate 6-week virtual internships for mentees in the Encourage Her Program. Focuses on ensuring that internships run smoothly, organizes virtual presentation, and provides mentees with an impactful experience during their first year. 
Learn more about this position here and apply now

EWAAB believes that diversity and inclusiveness are the cornerstones of the organization's success. We are dedicated to supporting and connecting with women and nonbinary and gender non-conforming people of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and nationalities.