Mentorship Program

About The Program

Those who had positive role models growing up are twice as likely to feel confident today compared to those who did not have positive role models.

How It Works

The program consists of seven professional development sessions throughout the year between the Primary Mentor, the Secondary Mentor, and the mentees. The curriculum - outlined below - is designed to strengthen confidence, provide a set of practical communication and leadership tools, and offer support with global connections. 

The program is free for all participating students.

Who It's For

The program is looking for students that want to build their confidence in taking professional risks and going outside of their comfort zone. The program is targeted towards first-year women (cis-gendered, trans-gendered, women-identified) and non-binary individuals. 

Apply for the Program

Our application process takes place in the fall and the timeline is institution dependent. Each Primary Mentors is responsible for reviewing applications and selecting 3-5 students based on a set-criteria. We want to offer this program to as many students as possible with an emphasis on students who benefit most from it.


Applications will open in Sept. 2020.

HerToolkit 2020-21

Our 2020-21 curriculum will be themed HerToolkit, featuring practical confidence-building tools, virtual internships spanning a variety of fields, and opportunities for global networking. Check out some highlights below: 

Personal Mentorship

Each student in the program will be assigned a personal mentor, who has insightful stories and experiences to share. This person is there to provide you with guidance and support throughout the year, with the goal of this person becoming a lifelong resource. 


Students from different universities will be able to engage with each other virtually through 'Sea Talks'. Mentors will organize either group sessions or one-on-one meetings for their students across the globe to network and have active discussions about important topics.

ConnectHer Series

Throughout the year, we will offer program participants the opportunity to hear from and engage with more women in their field of study through virtual seminars. These seminars will feature women who have 'made it' in fields such as Data Science, Finance, Computer Science, Physics, Policy, etc.

Session Anchors

There are seven sessions in the program, each with an anchor to kick off the session. Our anchors will introduce the session topic either through a pre-recorded video made specifically for the program or live in the session. Our session anchors are accomplished women - CEOs, award-winning scientists, and powerful consultants - who have all agreed to be a part of the EWAAB community. 

Virtual Internship

Each student will have the opportunity to participate in a 6-week virtual internship during the spring term. Internship placements will be based on interest and will allow students to work collaboratively across the globe. Topics may include scientific or policy research, finance, technology, entrepreneurship, or the advancement of women. 


Each student in the program will receive a physical toolkit for the year, including EWAAB swag, a guided journal, 'Encourage Me' cards, and books & resources that correspond with each session. 

Inquire More

We will be announcing our upcoming mentors and participating institutions shortly. If your institution does not have an Encourage Her program and you would like to consider starting one for the following year, please reach out to our Program Manager. Additionally, if you're interested in becoming an anchor, speaker, or internship partner, please contact us at encourageher@ewaab.org.

EWAAB believes that diversity and inclusiveness are the cornerstones of the organization's success. We are dedicated to supporting and connecting with women and nonbinary and gender non-conforming people of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and nationalities.