Calling All Students to Take a Seat at the Table 

Are you a student looking to build your professional toolkit, take advantage of opportunities, and go outside of your comfort zone to explore your passion? If so, these resources were designed for you. Step out, speak up, and reach out!


Explore Our Resources Crafted For You

Encourage Her Mentorship Program

Are you ready for the ultimate opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone? Apply for the Encourage Her Mentorship Program and get ready for an experience that will let you network across the globe, connect with working professionals casually, gain real internship experience, and strengthen your confidence across 7 practical tools. 

Tell Your Story and Learn From Others

Have you ever wanted a platform to share personal/professional advice or your experiences with other students? Now you have one! Submit a piece to our Her Story blog and we'll use our platform to share your tips and hacks! Also, check out our initiatives and blog posts to get inspiration for your professional and daily life. 

Learn, Explore, Mentor

Are you ready to become a mentor yourself? Are you interested in learning more about inspirational women, exploring new paths, and getting updates on potential opportunities?  Join our student network and get monthly resources and opportunities sent straight to you.

Find Your Resource

Our Program Team has crafted Her Resources, a collection of quick bits of advice in times of facing adversity and overcoming personal and professional challenges. Take a look at our resources below and let us know if we're missing one that you're looking for. We'll work on it!

Breaking Into 3s Series 

Breaking down 'outside of your comfort zone' actions into not necessarily easy, but simpler steps to get you started. Learn more about getting comfortable with the uncomfortable here. 

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