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Become a year-long mentor for our Encourage Her Program, investing your time in 3-5 undergraduate students​ or a virtual speaker for our 60+ mentees! Email us to get involved! 

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Give young women a professional experience while increasing the diversity opportunities for your company. Learn more about the program and how to partner with us.

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We are looking to have a wide representation of women speakers and mentors to advise our mentees. If you are a women of color and/or from another under-represented group, we really encourage and invite you to become a speaker or mentor within our programs. We envision a world where every young women has a living role model who they can look up to and see themselves. 

Why Is the Pipeline Necessary? 

1 in 4

women feel like an outsider in less inclusive college environments


more likely for a woman to pursue a tech degree if she can see what that career might look like before graduating 

A LinkedIn survey demonstrated that 82% of women believe that having a mentor is important to one's career trajectory. And yet 20% of women in the survey reported that they never had access to a mentor. 

For women of color, it is even more difficult to find mentors - often times do to the lack of representation that exists. Women of color make up about 37% of the U.S. population, but they only comprise 3.2% of Fortune 500 Company Boards and 11.9% of managerial roles. It is critical that we provide young women of color with not only mentors, but supportive communities and practical tools to aid them in their early careers! 

How Will Your Investment Have An Impact? 

Hear it from them.

“The most helpful thing I learnt with EWAAB is that I'm not alone. In every discussion we had, it was heartwarming to see faces of understanding looking back at me as I poured out my feelings, ambitions, and dreams. It exceeded my expectations in every way. My favourite part was when we would have pitch meetings and info sessions with our Primary Mentor."
-Sriyaa Srinivasan
"The EWAAB mentorship program provided me with  a vast number of opportunities and challenged me to go outside my comfort zone as a woman who's going down the STEM path. I learnt a lot about myself. Not only what I feel proud about, but also what I would like to improve."
-Megnot Tesfaye Seyoum
I joined EWAAB as I felt that it could provide me with extra resources to improve my confidence and connect me with like-minded women. However, EWAAB exceeded my expectations in every way possible and has had such an enormous impact on my life. The internship organised by EWAAB significantly improved my public speaking, research skills and confidence." 
-Chanel Le Roux
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Sit in the front row of impact as an Impact Donor. Invest in a young woman’s future and ensure that she receives mentorship, professional skills training, and field experience. Be a part of a donor community filled with passionate impact seekers looking to make change. Receive an invite for you and a friend to attend 4 virtual community events a year featuring talks with women authors, workshops on mentorship, and networking opportunities.

We take checks from both individuals and foundations. To make a donation by check, please follow the image to the left and send it to the corresponding address.

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Support young women while increasing the diversity opportunities for your company. Talk to your company about becoming a part of our internship program. Learn more here.

EWAAB believes that diversity and inclusiveness are the cornerstones of the organization's success. We are dedicated to supporting and connecting with women, nonbinary and gender non-conforming people of all races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, disabilities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and nationalities.

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